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MRVISION award is a special prize for the German youth science competition ("Jugend forscht"). The main goal is to promote young students interested in natural sciences. We are supporting them in developing own ideas and setting up development projects besides the classical pathways. The award is placed on the regional level of the competition. Therefore the criterias to confer this award shall be based on creativity, implementation and presentation. The award may also support preparation for the next level or state competition but there is no obligations how to use the monetary part of the prize.

Johann Elias Stoetzer and Lucca Fechner
PROJECT: Modular Support Keyboard
"People with reduced mobility, e.g. through spasticity
paralysis has big problems communicating or communicating
to deal with a "normal" keyboard and mouse. In our project we
develop a modular keyboard to type the tokens
optionally with large, robust buttons, a joystick or even by eye movements. As our development turns out to be a USB keyboard, it is compatible with all computers, the one
USB connection. We are working on a very simple,
customizable and cost effective solution that uses standard parts which are easily available in most countries. "